Colors of Roses and It’s Meaning

Roses are very popular flowers and known for their beauties, their origin, influence in different romantic situations and is associated with influential people and different myths and their meanings. Roses are not only rich in popularity and beauty but they’re also rich in meanings, their meanings depended on what color and what origin they held, we’re teaching you that. In this article we will talk about different colors of roses, what are their different origins, and what are the meanings they held according to the language of the flowers. Roses are quite great on bouquet and if you have a specific number of roses, they also held a great meaning like a dozen of flowers means I love you.

• Yellow Roses and Orange Roses

Yellow roses and orange roses have been known for their striking color but these roses held a great meaning for you to give to your lover or your best friend. Yellow roses before means jealousy and cheating but now they mean platonic friendship, cheer, joy, and care for someone not to cheat or to be jealous of that specific person. The orange roses are great for valentines’ days although they are unusual and are not common as their meanings are fascination, enthusiasm, desire, and attraction, they’re great for unique people. So, if you’re looking for a flower that’s perfect for a unique lover then the orange rose is here, but if you’re looking for a friendship flower then the yellow roses is good for decorations.

• Pink Roses and Peach Roses

Pink roses and peach roses have different shades unlike the other roses and because of that they have more meanings than the normal amount of meanings a rose have. A pink rose means admiration, gentleness, innocence, elegance, and dignity, the deeper pink roses means gratitude, and the lighter shade of pink means sweetness and grace, they’re for friendship and relationships. While the peach colored roses mean sincerity, deal, agreement, and gratitude and the lighter peach tone mean modesty, they’re a great thank you gift to give to someone you’re thankful. So, if you’re looking for a rose that’s great for a thank you gift then peach roses are great, if you’re looking for a versatile rose then pink roses are great.

• Purple Roses and Blue Roses

Purple roses and blue roses are very rare, especially blue roses, but the more they are rare, they valuable and the deeper meaning they held for someone to have. Purple roses have many shades, a normal one means enchantment and mystical, a paler purple means love at first sight, and the deeper colored roses mean royalty, adoration, and fascination. The blue roses are really rare in nature like 1 in a billion, because of its rarity the meaning of blue roses is the unattainable and the mysterious. So, if you are looking for a rose that has many shades and meanings then purple roses, but if you found someone mysterious and rare then blue roses for them.